Who we are

Coherent and congruent communication between people, teams, and organizations is empathetic, appropriate, and effective. Congruent leadership that is understandable for all brings people and goals together successfully. We know that. That’s the only way both worlds at every hierarchical and functional level in an organization can succeed: individually or together. We are ambassadors and creators of integrated and transversal communication and sustainable, coherent leadership. Whether digital, analog, embodied, written, spoken, multi-media or individual: the human being is the focus.

This is our conviction. That’s why we’re here. Rondocom negotiates the wide world of leadership and communication.

We love complex tasks and problems that initially seem to have nothing to do with collaboration or communication, but which, upon second glance, depend on the interplay between sender and audience that is all too often missing. And tasks and problems whose solutions transversally reveal the potential of coherent, congruent, and creative communication and emphatic leadership and cooperation in all their elegance.

That’s why we are concerned with communication, cooperation, and their entire ecosystems. Continuously and with many years’ experience.

Maxence Giebel -

Maxence Giebel, MA of applied linguistics and corporate communication, holds the position of executive director at Rondocom. He has been putting his focus  on message modelling and sustainable leadership for several years.

Gundekar Giebel –

As Partner at Rondocom, Gundekar Giebel is focussing on Public Relations and Corporate Communications with an experience of over 30 years – be it in a leading position or as consultant.

As a master of all visual challenges of communication and partner of Rondocom, Carlo Clemens Knöpfel ( has been focussing on every aspect of visual communication and their effect.

As the one in charge for social and interactive content, Charline Janice has been focussing on editorial, curation and content management with methods with a social impact.

  • Best employee campaign in integrated communication – SPRI, Switzerland
  • Gold Award – Leadership Forum, Australia
  • Best Intranet – Intra.Net, Berlin
  • Best Intranet – European Excellence Award, London
  • German Prize for Online Communication – Berlin
  • World Mail Award – Brussels
  • Best Intranet Switzerland and Europe – FEIEA
  • BIENE-Award for Barrier-Free Web Access – Berlin
  • Switzerland's best website – Anthracite Award TOP 200
  • Best of Swiss Web Nominations
  • Master of Arts Applied Linguistics & Corporate Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts Corporate Communication & Journalism
  • LP³ Leadership Licensed Trainer
  • Dipl. in PR Consulting
  • Head of "Golden Feather" Jury, Print Communication Category
  • Member of "Golden Feather" Jury, Online Communication Category
  • Member of "European Digital Communications Award" Jury, Brussels and Berlin
  • Head of the Swiss Association for Internal and Integrated Communication (SVIK/ASCI)
  • Examination expertise in multimedia production and marketing, SIGMEDIA
  • Founder and head of the national Intranet Experts Switzerland ERFA Group.