MM – Message Modelling

What we do

The MM model is the result of many years of communication experience in and with various European and North American companies and over 20 years of interdisciplinary research. The result: a communications plan should always go through the same phases for its success, regardless of its context.

Message Modelling Problematik –

Why we do it

In the end, what often counts is what has been achieved. However, the path to this goal often couldn’t be more varied and usually influences the desired results.

We believe that people and goals can be successfully brought together. And that people and moments can always be coordinated, even when identities, interpretations, emotions, and situations appear to be at odds.

We therefore work with you to shed light on your organization so that the building blocks of coherence, congruence, and communication become an everyday occurrence in both interpersonal and business relations.

Typical approach in communication

How we do it

How the company communicates with itself and with others also reveals how it is moving towards its goals. In everyday life, however, this path often moves beyond the visible. Not only is the visual, verbal, and non-verbal part of interpersonal challenges, but also the structure of the organization, its greater context, and the individual backgrounds of its members. It is a question of organizational design, what influences are accepted, how and which departments and tasks are separated or united, and how to respond to human action and reaction. Drawing these lines and building bridges demand communicative solutions which need to be redesigned and shaped time and again. 

Message Modelling Dimensionen –

Approach to communication with MM Message Modeling

Message Modelling Effekt –

What you gain

The MM model serves as a guide for reflected and transversal communication.

This includes:

  • The development of organizational messages, both internal and external
  • Various in-house training programs
  • Coaching
  • Workshops to develop a shared understanding of communication
  • Communication measures
  • Various other measures as required

The model can be used with individuals, teams, or entire organizations. It works when certain methods and tools are used.

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