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What we do

LP³ can shed light on the everyday things that supposedly can't change. The model offers both a safe haven for fixed quantities and a springboard for innovation, even with topics that need to deliver results at all levels of the organization.

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Why we do it

LP³ achieves something special because the model brings people together. Sooner or later, anyone involved in business will realize that multilingualism involves much more than just a list of languages. Multilingualism, especially in organizations, can cut across disciplines, skills, interests, and cultures. Departments and teams will always develop their own languages based on their areas of responsibility, which, for various reasons, are not necessarily compatible.

Typical approach to leadership

How we do it

The difficulties that result have always challenged business. The LP³ Leadership Model offers an elegant solution tailored to the organization for handling complex “interpretative tasks” in a cross-functional, coherent, and sustainable manner. Ultimately, the organization should be able to develop its three Ps: Potential, Power & Performance.

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LP³ Leadership approach

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What you gain

What working with us can bring is obvious:

  • The LP3 model serves as a guideline for implementing real leadership. 
  • Developing mission, vision, values, and strategy 
  • Various in-house training programs 
  • Coaching 
  • Team development workshops (workshops to create high-performance teams) 
  • Assessment of leadership competencies (self/third-party assessment) 
  • Communication measures 
  • Various other measures as required

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