We share our expertise not only when we advise you on your projects, but also compactly as individual parts of a large toolbox we share with you in one day full of tips, tools, and knowledge. Book your A-HA moments now.

Understanding My Audience

Understand, interpret, and constantly recommunicate to your audience: listening correctly and learning from what you hear is the goal of this seminar. Duration: 1 day

The Corporate Ecosystem

Some competitors are in your face; others are more stealthy. The aim of this seminar is to help you recognize the world your company lives in and take advantage of it. Duration: 1 day

Transversal Communication

Communication between departments and units of your company has to overcome different backgrounds and the use of technical jargon. The aim of this seminar is to develop common denominators and find a language. Duration: 1 day

ComTech: where the journey leads

Technology increasingly influences, controls, promotes and delivers communication, but sometime it has also stopped it in its tracks, reformed it, and led to misunderstandings. An understanding of ComTech and what can be gained from it, is the goal of this seminar. Duration: 1 day

5 Ways to Finding a Solution

Achieving goals does not always have to be a hard-knuckled fight either in the meeting room or in the project process. Successful and appreciative working through communication is the goal of this seminar. Duration: 1 day

The Story Toolbox

Everything is a story. But no two are the same. The aim of this seminar is the systematic development of stories to make them appealing to a wide variety of target groups. Duration: 1 day

Communication vs. Agility

Your departments and units are agile, but the ways they communicate internally and externally seem chiseled in stone. Finding the advantages of both worlds and transferring them to the other is the goal of this seminar. Duration: 1 day

Communications Café

Communication is human. It can be comedy, tragedy, or tragicomedy. Stories about stories are shared here with joy, fun, and coffee. Duration: 3 hours